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Welcome to Kelly's Castaway
Nestor Falls, Ontario, Canada

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How to Reach Us:
We are located approximately 65 miles north of the Fort Francis, Ontario - International Falls, Minnesota borders crossing. Follow Highway 11 and 71 west out of Fort Frances and then Highway 71 north to Nestor Falls.

For guests traveling by air, scheduled airline service is available form all major citiies into Minneapolis, where the connection to International Fall is available through Northwest Airlines on Mesaba Air. Ground trasportation is available on to Nestor Falls.

If traveling by private aircraft, Nestor Falls has a compacted 3800' airstrip. Customs can be cleared at either Baudetee or For Frances. Please contact us for details.

Crossing the Border:
A passport is the ideal form of identification, however a passport or visa is not presently required to enter Canada. Do carry identification to establish your citizenship, such as a birth certificate, and one Photo ID. Green card holders should carry their card, and travelers with children should carry identifications for each child, along with a letter of permission from the parents or any children for whom they don not have legal custody.

You are allowed to bring personal clothing, gear and a reasonalble amount of food into Canada. U.S. Visitors are allowed to bring EITHER a 40oz. bottle of liquor OR a case of 24 beer, plus one carton of cigatettes. NO handguns or fully automatic weapons under 26" in length are permitted. All weapons of any type must be declared and a Firearm Declaration must be completed for all guns. Radar detectors are not permitted. Pets over 3 month of age are allowed, and must have a valid, current rabies vaccination certificate.

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